Labor(less) Day Weekend

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Labor Day Weekend typically signals that a new school year is starting and football season is kicking off marking the unofficial end of summer. Officially, Labor Day is a holiday to honor the social and economic achievements of American workers, and the results of those successes for the well-being of our country. Most workers take this extra day off to relax and unwind. So all of us on the Nap Team decided to share a glimpse into what our Labor(less) Day weekends looked like. There was a lot of fun in the sun, time spent with family and friends and grilling. If you have any great photos from your Labor Day weekend, please share, we would love to see them!




By: Tom Schulte, CFP®

From Los Angeles to Charlotte, members of Tom Schulte’s fantasy football league gathered in Boston to conduct their annual draft.


















By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

Alex holding his daughter Natalie, with his older brother Josh, who is holding his daughter, Josephine.

















By: Tom Fletcher, CFP®

We were down in the Asheville area during the Labor Day weekend enjoying time with our extended family. One evening we took an axle breaking drive up to a mountain top to enjoy an impromptu cookout and enjoy the beautiful sunset.














By: Chrissy McCormack

I spent Labor Day in a cottage with no electricity or hot water, on an island in Cohasset Harbor known as Bassings Beach. Lots of friends, family and cookouts.  On the first day of school, my son didn't take the bus, he took the boat.




By: Jenn Kovalski

My Labor Day weekend was spent on the sands of Duxbury Beach and I stayed out of the water! Below is an image taken by the Plymouth Harbormaster of the confirmed shark sighting which closed the beach's waters to swimmers.




By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

Labor Day weekend was spent gardening in my yard and included a quick jaunt with Joan to visit Chrissy on her island.