The Land Lubber Heads Back To The Sea

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST


Most of you know that I usually plan my weekends around at least one round of golf. But for those who have known me long, you remember when I was getting up at 4:00am in the summer so I could get my boat out to Stellwagen Bank or the shores of P’Town to catch fish.

After the kids grew, and their lives started taking shape, it did not include rides on Daddy’s boat. So watching the boat sit with less use than it deserved, we finally decided to sell our 23 foot floating toy. The first summer free from boating had me focused on the gardening, but then golf became a part of my life and today it still; occupies about 60% of my summer leisure activity.

This past weekend, we returned to the Sea. Having never been a member of a yacht club – I never heard of ‘boat invasions’. But I guess that clubs in the Boston area routinely plan to “invade” each other’s club for a two day fiesta. And what a fiesta it was!

We cruised from Hull, MA through beautiful Boston Harbor… a whopping one hour boat ride, to land on the shores of the Winthrop Yacht Club. A beautiful old building that even smelled like the 1920’s… dry timber frames, a century of being on piles right on Boston Harbor, and the faint smell of jet fuel as the air traffic controller at Logan decided it was time to take off headed out over Winthrop.

Some of the boats in our flotilla had the blenders turning as soon as the boats left the dock – but this land lubber needed to wait until hitting the relatively stable floor of the docks in Winthrop. My buddies from the Nantasket Beach Saltwater Club must be great hosts when the Winthrop boaters invade the shores of Hull – because they sure treated us right on their home turf. BBQ starting at noon with a blender and a keg right nearby. Frozen boat drinks right after that followed by another reception, dinner and live music until way too late.

Our personal hosts, Mike and Paula are seasoned pro’s at this. While Hull has now invaded Winthrop for the past 28 years – I am quite sure that their presence has helped to up the game a bit. Mike and Paula are seasoned captains, chefs and all around fun people to be with whether they are hosting or visiting.

Who knows, this little excursion may have opened up yet another chapter in the adventures of Joan and John Nap. Please stay tuned.