Last Hurrah!

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What a past weekend my family had. We decided to take an adventure trip and wound up visiting Norway, Poland, Paris, and Oxford - all within a few minutes. This is because when driving from Boston to Sunday River Ski Resort in Maine you are required to drive through all of these towns. No offense intended to the inhabitants, but there is actually little to no resemblance to the great European cities and countries that also bear the same names. I'll bet as a hoot, some mother from Norway did name her kid Sven. I know I would have.

I've been quite pleased with myself this year on the ski slopes. This has absolutely nothing to do with my technique or abilities improving, but really was that I survived this year without any broken bones or injuries. All in all, I suspect I skied about 25 days this season, which was easily a record for me. This included my Thursday night slalom racing league which turned out to be a very, very humbling experience for me. I may postpone my decision to purchase a bright red skin suit for next season.

With spring skiing in New England, you can never be quite sure what Mother Nature will toss at you. This weekend was no exception.  We woke up Saturday to fairly heavy rain which changed to snow, which in time transitioned again to frigid, windy conditions.

That kind of skiing is fine for youngsters, whereas I'm decidedly more content hanging around the lodge with other dads in search of nachos and cold beer.   

Sunday however turned out to be a gem as skiers were rewarded with below freezing temperatures and well groomed trails. Our family had phenomenal day, and we were all a little melancholy that ski season 2015 was now officially behind us. We can't wait until next year!

This article was written by: Tom Fletcher