Life in a Bubble

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Thomas Fletcher, CFP®

Recently one of my family members was celebrating a milestone birthday. My wife and I figured what better way to commemorate the occasion than hosting a brunch in an igloo, on the waterfront, viewing the Boston skyline. 

This igloo thing was a first for us. The concept, I believe, was ingeniously developed during the pandemic as a great way to enjoy freshly prepared restaurant food outdoors during the winter, while at the same time not having to worry about getting a possible Covid infection from other dining patrons. 

I found the structure to be iglooish in shape only and more like a plastic bubble, which created some advantages and disadvantages. The clear benefits were the ambient light the clear plastic provided and the amazing views of Boston Harbor. The downside was, unlike a traditional Eskimo Igloo, the insulation wasn’t so great. Even though its interior is “climate controlled”, if outside weather conditions are cold and breezy like it was during our meal, those two portable heaters inside the structure struggled a fair amount to maintain a constant temperature, especially when the waiters entered and exited through our zippered door. Fortunately, we all came prepared with layers of clothing and boots; definitely sufficient enough to ward off the occasional chill.

With all that aside, I can tell you it’s a pretty great venue for a small party. The igloos at Woods Hill Pier 4 (the old site of Anthony’s), where we had our brunch, offer a unique experience, great food and can accommodate up to 6 individuals. If you want to get outside more this winter, this may be the perfect setting to do so.