Live from my Stay-Cation!

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano,  CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST, RLP®

After this winter’s weather calamities, I vowed not to complain about the heat this summer. In fact, the time spent escaping last winter caused us early on to plan for a stay-cation.

This all starts with months of planning to ask our guests to set aside some time for a large family gathering. First, our out of town children had to coordinate their time off and be willing to head east from Manhattan Beach, CA and Bellingham, WA. This worked out OK as Tom and Julia neared the end of their road trips east.We successfully pried Laura away from the North End, and Rob became the social director for those under 30 as well as for those who still act that way.

So many things have happened since this stay-cation began on Monday, August 3rd, including a uniquely unexpected start. On day 1, I had set a dentist appointment to check a nagging molar only to learn that I had an abscess building in a dead tooth and would need to undergo a root canal. The last day of my stay-cation will include the third of this five part process.

It all got better pretty quickly as I went from the endodontist chair to the passenger seat in Joan’s car as we drove to Falmouth for an overnight stay with my cousin Kim and her beautiful babies. Kim’s father John, (my uncle), is my mother’s younger brother, now lives in Ft. Myers, FL with my Aunt Cynthia. My parents were married so young that I’m one of those people who have aunts and uncles only 7 – 9 years older than me. John was definitely more like an older brother than an uncle.

After soaking a couple of days in the warm waters of Falmouth, MA, we came back to the frigid waters of the south shore, and began prepping for what turned out to be a mini family reunion of sorts. All three of my brothers with most of their families arrived on Friday or Saturday for two+ days of bocce, badminton, grilling, laughs and re-stocking the cooler. It was an absolute blast. Even Kim, her parents, and the babies joined in on the fun on their way back from the cape.

The day after the Uncles left town, we celebrated Joan’s 39th birthday for the Xth time. Joan actually got to play 9 holes at Scituate Country Club with me, Tom and Rob on her birthday. Rob only got three holes in as he had to get back to the office. Tom beat me by a stroke, and the birthday girl wiped us all out with her fantastic golf shots.We closed the birthday celebration with a trip to Boston and a fantastic dinner with all four children, one more time this summer. It’s not likely that we’ll all be together again until the end of the year at holiday time.

My garden has never felt so much love.With nary a weed to be found, I now have a bountiful crop of hot peppers, herbs and tomatoes.

The home stretch of this family stay-cation includes some large stuffed lobsters created by me, a trip to the North End, a couple of drop offs at Logan Airport, another round of golf and the Bushwood Golf tournament this weekend.

I must admit, for a guy who likes to travel, this has been the most memorable two weeks of the year. I loved everything about it and what is yet to come, sans the root canal. There is no substitute for spending time with the people you love, doing what you love to do. I look forward to every opportunity to do so and to continuing this as one of my unique ways of being.