Lobster Tales

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By: John Napolitano, Alex Weiss, Tom Fletcher, Jenn Kovalski and Tom Schulte

One of the most popular topics the Nap Team talks about with each other (besides financial plans) is food. What new or old favorite restaurant we went to over the weekend, or what recommendations from our friends at the MRA that we need to try out. 

Recently, we were chatting about the best lobster rolls that we had ever eaten and we decided to make it our personal article for the newsletter. None of our favorites are the same, but there is one thing that they all have in common- they all look, and sound delicious!

Let us know where your go to lobster roll place is, or if you try out one of our recommendations. Don't forget to include pictures too!


John: The Raw Bar- Mashpee, MA

A true lobster lover would say there is no such thing as a bad lobster roll. But clearly, some are better than others. For my $39, the best lobster roll is found at The Raw Bar in Mashpee, MA. While I'd much rather be sitting at the raw bar found at The Beachcomber in Wellfleet, MA, the lobster roll simply doesn't match up. If it's the lobster roll that you’re after, grab one at The Raw Bar in Mashpee and drive down route 6 to the national seashore... And enjoy the ambience at the Northeast's best beach bar.









Alex: Sesuit Harbor – Dennis, MA

Sesuit Harbor Café has the best lobster roll this side of the Mississippi. It is the large chunks of lobster with a slight touch of mayo and the crunch of fresh lettuce that get me. Not everyone likes this, but they add a tomato on the bottom of the hotdog bun that gives it that Cape Cod fresh flavor. You know it is a good lobster roll when you have to start eating with a fork before it is manageable enough to pick up with your hands!









Tom Fletcher: Red's Eats - Wiscasset, Maine

If you like lobster rolls, this is the place to go. Red's is a former one room lobster shack that's famous for serving heaping portions of fresh lobster meat on delicious grilled rolls. Pure lobster with no fillers. If you make it up to Wiscasset and visit Red's, be prepared to shell out a few extra bucks for the rolls and plan to wait in line for over an hour. The secret is out!










Jenn: Green Harbor Lobster Pound - Marshfield, MA

If you want a delicious, fresh, lobster on a lightly toasted, buttery, brioche bread roll that is so overstuffed that you need a fork, head to Marshfield, MA. The Green Harbor Lobster Pound is located on the water and they use the freshest lobster. While I’ve never actually been patient enough to weigh my roll before eating, it is rumored to be a pound of pure lobster meat in each roll. Call ahead to ensure they haven’t run out, bring cash, and drive right down through a summer cottage haven and there is a little house at which you walk up to the window and order. Green Harbor Lobster Pound offers picnic tables to sit, BYOB, and a great view. I ate the roll to the left on this past Sunday for $25. Still not convinced? Check out their Yelp! page.










Tom Schulte: McDonald's

I feel that I’ve found a nice middle-ground from being a former broke college student to now enjoying some of the finer things in life. McDonald’s Lobster Roll: 6/10 on a good day.