The Maine Event

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

It is officially fall in New England as you can start to see the leaves changing colors ever so slightly. The nights are also getting cooler with that chill that lingers into the early morning hours. The last few weeks have been extremely fun (and very jam packed) with some great celebrations including a bachelor party in New York City and my college roommate’s wedding in Ogunquit, Maine.

If you haven’t been to Ogunquit, it is worth the trip. It is only an hour and fifteen minute drive from Boston and it is a quaint area with a handful of shops, restaurants, walking paths, and access to as much lobster as you can eat. The guests of the wedding stayed at ‘Anchorage by the Sea’ which is right on a path called the Marginal Way. It is a walking path on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean which connects the hotels to the town center and Perkins Cove. This is a very popular paved path with some wonderful views. I could really go on for the rest of this article about it, but instead I have a link here if you would like to learn more about it. We had a perfect weekend for walking, but the wedding activities took priority for us.

The wedding ceremony was this past Saturday on a perfect fall day. It was crisp, sunny, with a very slight breeze which is ideal if you are outside in a tuxedo. We were at Clay Hill Farm in York, Maine for the reception with a group of friends. Fortunately, I do not have any major issues to report. The ‘biggest’ problem of the day is when someone forgot to bring a large pumpkin to the venue – which was quickly solved and the bride didn’t even know about it! Overall, the wedding weekend was a great success and Ashley or myself didn’t pull any muscles dancing.

With wedding season wrapping up in November, we already have a full 2017 with at least 6 weddings – 1 of which includes our own! Ashley and I have finally picked all of our key vendors for our own wedding with the help of some family and friends. With the date set for May 2017, we have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves as we take care of the small (but fun) details. The large question we need to answer in the next few months is where we go on the honeymoon!? We are leaning towards a trip to Europe, but welcome any and all thoughts from your travel experiences.

Until next time…