March Madness

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

College basketball is what people think of when they hear the term March Madness. From the beginning of March through the NCAA final game which will be played in San Antonio on Monday evening April 2, college BB rules the TV ratings.  I find the college game, especially the playoffs, to be more exciting than the pro’s.  I’m not sure if it is the one and done format or the enthusiasm of teenagers actualizing their dream in front of millions around the world.

But that isn’t the only part of March that fits the bill as madness. When I think of March 1, I reflect back to my HS days as that was the opening day of baseball practice.  Eastchester HS took their baseball pretty serious – and the track record of the team and the now deceased legendary coach Dom Cecere back that up.  Coach Cecere was awarded the USA’s HS Baseball Coach of the Year shortly before his passing in 2017. In fact, if it weren’t for my nephew Paul who also went to EHS, I may never have known that our team from the 1973 and 1974 years was inducted into the EHS sports hall of fame.  Our team photo along with our trainer and coaching staff shall remain on the walls for people to laugh at for decades.  Playing baseball outside, in the Northeast, in early March… is madness if you ask me. The falling snow flakes make it harder to detect a curve ball.   

Another element of March Madness is the early arrival of daylight savings time.  Sure, who doesn’t like seeing the sun stay up a little longer in the day?  But, what good does it do if the weather is still cold, rainy and snowy? On top of that, you’ll again be waking up in the dark until the days get longer. It just feels like madness to spring ahead with the clocks as the calendar is still in winter mode.

Until the spring equinox arrives this year on March 20, at 12:15 PM, it is officially still winter.  The maddening part about the equinox is that it surely doesn’t feel like spring regardless of what the calendar says.  In fact, I wonder if this year I’ll be peering out the window each day looking for tints of green on the lawns.  Of course I will – it’s what I do every year. Even though I really do remember the past 60 springs where the trees begin May as bare as a November and get to Memorial Day in their full glory.   

And this year, major league baseball joins March Madness.  This year, opening day for all teams will be on Thursday March 29.  To continue with our USWM tradition, we will be hosting an open house spring fling to celebrate opening day of the baseball season.  The Red Sox open against the Ray’s in Tampa with first pitch at 4 PM.  Please save the date and join us here in Braintree for baseball, Hot Dogs, popcorn, Cracker Jack and all the goodies that you’d expect at a baseball game.