Mid-Summer Stride

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

It feels like yesterday we were just talking about how spring was upon us, and now it feels that we are in mid-summer stride! I recently came back from a vacation on Cape Cod with Ashley and her family. We had a blast while we enjoyed perfect weather just about every single day. The only hard part about vacation is that my brother and his wife just bought their first home and you will never guess what day they decided to move in – the first day of my vacation! Like a good brother, I rolled up my sleeves and helped them move. I will admit (but don’t tell him), it wasn’t really that bad and it made the first evening on the Cape that much more relaxing.

On our week away, we captured most of the classics with some added wrinkles. Ashley’ two nieces (ages 4 & 6) are at the age that they go all day which was a lot of fun for the both of us. We spent ample time at the beach and pool. The time was split with relaxing while reading a book and playing some sort of game with the two kids. Each day felt like a workout as we either chased them, repeatedly lifted them up and down, or were playing a game that found a muscle group I haven’t used in years. It was a blast and I could have done that every day.

We also enjoyed two classics that are always on the ‘must do’ list. The first was the Wellfleet Drive-In Movie Theater. All 8 of us piled into two cars with snacks, pizza, chairs and blankets to enjoy the movie, Finding Dory, on a picture perfect night. As a side note, it was a good movie and even a tear jerker at certain points. The second is Sesuit Harbor Café in Dennis (also a personal favorite of Tom Fletcher). It is a BYOB outdoor seafood café with a beautiful view matched by a perfect casual atmosphere. And let’s not forget – outstanding food! Ashley and I always get the lobster roll and this year was no exception. It may rank on top of the list as our favorite lobster roll on all of Cape Cod.

The week was jam packed with a lot of other fun and relaxing activities including go-carts, mini golf, multiple ice cream trips, great food, and of course a few dance parties with the nieces. Vacation rolled right into the 4th of July weekend with a Red Sox game followed by a barbeque at our condo. The day was capped with the Boston fireworks show with a fairly good view from the comfort of our own roof deck. Ashley and I were even able to squeeze in a trip to Martha’s Vineyard to visit friends from California that are here for the week!

While we didn’t sleep in too many days, we sure did enjoy our time off this past week. For those of you who have been asking, we have made some progress on the wedding planning – but the article would be too long to include those details.


Until next time…