A Moment of Appreciation for Independence

US Wealth Napolitano |

Over the years, the fourth of July has been celebrated with backyard barbeques, time at the beach or the lake, or doing just about anything but work. Some holiday celebration gatherings have begun already, with the whole week dedicated to vacationing and re-charging.

Independence is a core part of the culture that we have built at USWM. Within reason, we believe that independence includes doing what you want, when you want to do it, with whomever you’d like to be with. Of course, some things like work may get in the way of a literal interpretation of that broad statement about independence.  But even within the constraints of the things that you have to do, apply these core principals and you’ll be on the road to being more satisfied with everything, including the stuff that you have to do now that you hope not to have to do later.

To help you think about the areas of your life where greater independence would be beneficial, consider these topics that our best clients say are the most important topics to them:


In each of these areas that matter to you, rate yourself in terms of your satisfaction with that particular area of your life. Then spend a few moments to think openly about what you can do to make that area of your life more fulfilling. For example if you would like to spend more time with your children, then make a plan to accomplish it.

Whatever your method of enjoying the holiday, we would like to send a personal thanks to all of our active military and retired veterans for their blood, sweat and tears. We all know that freedom isn’t free. Without their dedication and hard work, we may not even be able to think about enhancing our own lives or making a plan to become and remain financially independent.

This article was written by John P. Napolitano