My First Home

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I am happy to report that my move is finally over and all of the chaos is starting to subside. Unfortunately I will now have to answer the call for 3 friends and 2 brothers when they need help moving.

This move was different from my prior ones for two main reasons. The first reason and for the first time ever, the heat and humidity that August brings was nowhere to be found. This was truly exciting when we were in the midst of taking the couch down from the 4th floor without an elevator option. The second reason, and the most important, was that once everything was moved, I realized it was not a new apartment I was going to settle into. The reality of this property being my first home (condo actually) started sinking in and wow, that was exciting!

Alex Roof Deck.jpgThe location of the condo is in the South End of Boston, somewhat near the Back Bay train station. This is not too far from my old location in Beacon Hill - about a 1.3 mile walk across The Boston Common. However, the difference in the neighborhood is quite substantial (for me at least). The condo is on a dead end street which provides a slightly more quiet and tranquil setting. The part that makes this wonderful condo feel like home is the outdoor space. There is a garden like area on the right side of the building as well as a roof deck which overlooks the John Hancock Tower, Back Bay, and a few other neighborhoods in the city.

My favorite parts outside of the living space itself, are the ample amount of bakeries, cafes, and eateries in the neighborhood that we have not yet explored. We have two bakeries in particular within less than a 5 minute walk. If you ever stop by, we will make sure to take a walk to either Flour Bakery or South End Buttery to indulge in a baked good (or 10).

Having a place to call your first home is exciting. I am sure you can remember yours. Imagine if you where to go back to that place right now, what would the first think you would say to yourself? More often than not I hear ‘remember how small that place was – how did we fit inside of it!?’

The next chapter has started as I can proudly wear the title of a ‘homeowner.’ Hopefully you will not read an article in the near future about me waking up in the middle of a night fixing a leaky sink. Until next time…

This article was written by Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®