My First Home Project

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By: Jenn Kovalski

Since my last article I turned the big 2-9.  While I understand that this is not “old” by any means, I was pretty relieved and happy to be turning 29 and not 30 just yet.

So, when my big relief birthday rolled around this year, I happened to be in the middle of a redecorating project. My boyfriend had decided to re-paint his room. When I tell you that the color on his wall was hideous, it is no exaggeration. It can only be described as a fleshy-clay color, (not beige). The photos do not do it justice. This was our first do it yourself project we had attempted together, and I was a little nervous as to how it would turn out, (especially because I was the constant, hypnotic voice that relentlessly encouraged him to repaint it in the first place) so therefore, any disaster could be directed at me.

I will do a quick rehash of project including all of your typical “Murphy’s Law” of the DIY world: sitting in and stepping in paint (both me), paint in hair, (both of us), paint in beard (just him) and then the one stumbling block that makes you re-evaluate the project that you first thought was a good idea. At my house, we call it The Kovalski-Kurse, with a k. (My dad is a gifted, do-it-yourselfer, but has suffered extensively from Kovalski-Kurse. Subsequently, no, he does not do side work.)

We began painting, I noticed how the previous owners had painted the walls and trim the same exact color. I thought to myself that this will take way longer than we thought, we will need several coats of everything. Then I hear the dreaded sound in DIY projects “oh noooo!” The previous owner decided to spiffy up the place before selling, had painted directly over wallpaper!

There were no seams or peeling because the wall and trim were the same color, and it was impossible to notice. It was discovered when taking off a wall vent where the old heart and polka dot patterned wallpaper remained. We then discovered that the wall paper was glued directly onto the plywood on two of the walls. We made some calls to a few experts, and learned that we had two choices, paint over the painted on wallpaper, or put up new sheetrock walls. We took an audible (the Pats were still in season during this project) and painted over the wallpaper.

It turned out really well given the circumstances. If we had more time and more experience, putting up new walls is doable. After fixing the color in his room, it made us both painfully aware of how similar his living room color is to his old room color. We now have plans to re-paint his living room. I can say with confidence that this room has no wallpaper on its wall.