My First Hosting Gig

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By: Jenn Kovalski

I have celebrated a total of 29 Easter Sundays. This past Easter, was the first one (and holiday) that I have ever hosted. Typically, my boyfriend John and I have split the holiday with each family, brunch at my parent’s house, dinner at his parents. But this year, both his sister and my sister were away, so we figured why not join the two groups together instead of having both of our moms do a bunch of cooking.

Cooking for anyone other than oneself is an undertaking, mostly because it matters what it looks and tastes like. I would consider myself a pretty good cook, because after all I have spent about 30 years observing my mom cook, and about 20 dedicated years to televised Martha Stewart reruns.

So I began my list and did some menu research last week. As a note, I do not understand how anyone ever cooked, baked, or entertained without the internet! You can look up a recipe by what ingredients you like, don’t like, or anything- you can learn how to make a cocktail, or properly set a table. You can also see what the dish is supposed to look like, so you can answer the question when someone peers over your shoulder and says “is it supposed to look like that!?” with a “YES, GOOGLE SAYS SO!”

Friday was spent grocery shopping for enough food for 10 people. I pawned the ham off to my mom- who was happy (or should I say hoppy) she only had to cook one thing. Saturday was spent baking and chopping in prep for Sunday. There were only two semi-hysterical calls to my mom due to minor kitchen crisis on Easter, one being that the cream part for the coconut cream pie I made was not turning into whipped cream (turns out I bought half and half by accident instead of cream, and yes, it does make a difference). I honestly don’t remember the reason for the other call, but there were a few tears. Mini Cadbury Eggs are also a great way to calm frayed nerves and dry tears.

Then came Sunday, I got up and got to work in the kitchen. Those of us in New England had a beautiful, 80* day, which made it a little challenging to stand at the stove  for several hours, but I did it. Everything wasn’t perfect, but it did come together very well. One thing for sure, I am happy to take over hosting Easter, but I will never host Thanksgiving, I do not know how my mother does it! I have a whole new appreciation for how my mom can host family gatherings!