My Footloose Wedding

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By: Jenn Kovalski

Planning a wedding is no small task. There are books, blogs, lists, and people to hire to help the event run smoothly. As a bride, you’re supposed to plan every little thing down to the smallest detail, who sits where (and sometimes far away from so and so), what time a song is queued on and off, the dinner menu, the flowers, the candles, you name it, and there is an itemized list with several sub-bullets for it.

John and I were off to a fast start with our wedding planning. We were engaged on Christmas morning, and I already had my dress, venue booked and Save the Dates ready to go before the end of February. Obviously, just like everything else in the world, COVID-19 stormed in and stayed, just like a bomb cyclone.

Since then, the majority of our plans have been derailed, fixed, changed, and then updated. Among a dizzying amount of other pivots, we have moved venues, switched dates twice, and for lack of better words, “un-invited” 110 people in order to comply with event regulations put forth by the state.

Our wedding is also known as the “Footloose Wedding”. Due to the event guidelines, there is no dancing allowed, and no bars to order from, reminding me of the strict small town depicted in the movie. We briefly considered a backyard wedding, but that plan was dropped when we were told we weren’t allowed a floor under the tent as “they don’t want to encourage dancing”. Because of the COVID event rules most vendors have been understanding about no longer needing their services. Our biggest issue was getting a refund from the DJ. We obtained half of our deposit back, and the other half that he’s keeping serves as a lifetime credit to a future DJ’d event. Score.

The one thing that having a wedding during COVID absolutely requires (besides as mask) is a go with the flow attitude. Rules and recommendations change very quickly, and much of the stuff we are trying to pin in place simply cannot be pinned. It just is what it is.

Our plan right now is to get married on Friday, 8/28/2020 at my childhood church, and have a celebratory dinner at The Winsor House Inn in Duxbury, MA after with immediate family and a few friends. We plan to follow all of the recommended rules, wear masks, social distance and sanitize galore. It’s the best we can do, and we will just go with it!