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Firstly we’d like to say our hope is all our readers stay healthy during these difficult and unprecedented times. Eventually this crisis will pass, but in the meantime we will need to make progress one day at a time. Despite all the recent hardships, we think it is important to focus on all we have to be thankful for such as friends, family and living in a tremendous country, warts and all. Stay Well!


By: Thomas H Fletcher, CFP®

I may not be the most creative person in the kitchen, but one area I’ve always found to be a relaxing outlet is bread making. I suspect I’ve been baking bread consistently for at least 20 years now; somewhere to the tune of 1 to 2 loaves per week. It started with a gift of a bread machine and since then I’ve upped my game to more traditional and complex loaves. It’s a bit of an investment getting started, but once critical mass is reached, it’s a pretty rewarding hobby. My family and I (and my waistline) can attest that generally the final results have been successful.


By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

Besides the feeling of isolation, there isn’t much new about the outcomes of my day to day activities.  We have staff meetings, client meetings, analyze financial plans and are monitoring portfolios a lot closer than during ‘normal’ times. But what is different is my level of physical activity.

The past year or two have been about the most sedentary of my prior 63. With the Covid-19 changes in our activities of daily living, I am emerging from the sedentary ways of the past 18 months to reclaim my body and muscles. Breathing in the salty Scituate air on long walks and a short program of floor exercises have now become entwined into my daily routine to keep me sane.

The desired outcomes… sanity, improved health and a better golf season with strength and flexibility that I haven’t enjoyed for a while.


By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

The internet can be a scary place, but it does provide some levity in times like this. My brothers and I have a text chain going and here are three of my favorites:

  • You want me to work from home? I don’t even work from work.
  • Isolation has the same rules as an airport. #1 Drinking at 9am is completely acceptable. #2 You are allowed to wear noise canceling headphones to ignore anyone, at any time.
  • When swimsuit season hits, I just want y'all to remember the gyms were closed during Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs season.


By: Tom Schulte, CFP®

As some of you may know, I occasionally lurk in the dark corners of eBay in search of impossible deals. Years ago, I made arguably my greatest purchase in a very slightly

used Apple Cinema Display computer monitor. It’s a 27-inch, high-definition monitor with the classic sleek design that Apple was made famous for and I acquired it at 8% of its original sale price. Sadly, due to our very small apartment and lack of living space, it has sat on my desk (which also lacked attention), located in a dark corner of the unit, collecting dust for years. However, now that a home office has become required (and to Khrista’s dismay), the desk/monitor combination has moved to our living room, receiving direct sunlight all day long, which is invaluable at a time like this. It is surprising, if not sad, with how much satisfaction I get from finally using this new gadget. Here’s to hoping the novelty doesn’t wear off.


By: Jenn Kovalski

To say that the COVID-19 24/7 News has been overwhelming is an understatement. Of course it’s important to stay in the know of important information, but there does seem a point where no new information is being added to the conversation. This is in no way, minimizing the severity of the situation or people’s illnesses, I just find myself getting sucked in and suddenly realizing my anxiety is through the roof. So, each day I watch and read enough news to stay informed and then draw the line of enough is enough news for today, and switch gears. I try find something positive to do and/or find something to be thankful for, and I think so far I have been successful. Here are a few ideas of how to entertain yourself if you are looking for something to do from home besides watching Netflix…

If you have an idea, please share, I would love to hear it! Stay well!