The Nap Team's Favorite Thanksgiving Memories

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Chillin’ on Thanksgiving

By: John Napolitano

Running into the North River early on Thanksgiving morning with a group of equally “chilled” friends isn’t as brave as the New Year’s Day polar plunge, but it is definitely exhilarating. You can’t really prepare for this ice cold water assault – it just takes a crazy attitude and determination! Luckily I’m blessed with both.

In 2007 I took the November plunge into the icy North River to raise money for the Interfaith Social Services, a non-profit organization based in Quincy, Massachusetts. This was going to be a Thanksgiving morning to remember, and not just for the blue lips and icicles on everyone’s hair, but for the great comradery and the feeling of doing something good for those in need. The “free” T shirt and coffee didn’t hurt either.

If any of our friends are braver than me, and routinely dive in on New Year’s Day for a good cause.  Call me.  I may be ready for another big chill.



Mash Potato Mix Up

By: Alex Weiss

I have many stories from the Thanksgivings over the years. Two that stick out to me was freshman year in High School, my brother Josh and I got to play on the same field during the Hanover/Norwell rivalry. We ended up winning the game and it generated one of my favorite pictures of the two of us (last week’s picture of the week). Contrarily (I believe the same year), we had a little mix up with the mashed potatoes right before dinner. At that time my mother was juggling 6 teenagers, 1 pre-teen, and about 10 other guests at the house while preparing a Thanksgiving feast. Needless to say she had a lot going on and had her mind in many different places. As everything came out to the table, I started with my favorite part of the plate – mashed potatoes. After my first taste test (of course before I was supposed to and anyone else had served themselves a portion) I noticed something drastically incorrect! Long story short, my mom only put in the milk and forgot to add butter, a hint of garlic, salt and pepper. This is when my world famous potatoes were born.



Thanksgiving as a Newlywed

By: Tom Fletcher

Thanksgiving over the years has brought many wonderful memories of closely spending time with my family and friends. Similarly to the past six years, we will be doing our annual lightly smoked turkey barbecue on our gas grill this year. This gives me (the cook) a chance to get out of the kitchen commotion, have a sip or two of my favorite beverage, and also catch a little football on TV.   

Fortunately most Thanksgivings of yore have come and gone without incident. I remember one year however when Steph and I had just been married and we invited my brother and his family to join us from Nashville at our new condominium. Well, as happens with many newlyweds, things kind of went awry. There were a lot of people jammed into those 5 little rather warm rooms, and refrigerator space was even worse.  As a result, the turkey had to spend the night outside on our roof deck.  We had to pay very close attention to the weather forecast!  The next day we had issues getting our oven to work correctly.  Finally, once the turkey was served, we realized that we forgot to rinse off the brine solution. Though nobody really complained, I don't recall anybody asking for seconds and thirds. Lastly, the pumpkin pie that was forgotten in the now warm oven, smoked enough to set off the smoke alarm and turned out to be singed to crisp.  It's funny how when you’re living in the moment it feels like such a big deal, but when you look back at it years later, it makes for a great family story.




Turkey on Lockdown

By: Jenn Kovalski

My family has always hosted Thanksgiving at home in Duxbury.  When I was in high school, our oven started malfunctioning occasionally during the early fall months, then it seemed to be fine, (which is why we didn’t replace it immediately). Thanksgiving Day rolled around and my mom is working around the clock preparing the meal for our family and I as her sous chef, am chopping, peeling, and cleaning the house as usual. Things were going just fine, chaotic, but fine. My mom was on the phone telling my aunt what time to come over for the meal, and all of the sudden I hear “THE TURKEY IS ON FIRE!” Our oven had malfunctioned after its short period of working dormancy and had gone into self-clean mode with the turkey in it at a cool temperature of 450 degrees. One of the turkey legs had caught fire, and we couldn’t get the door to open because it was locked. So my dad, being Mr. Fix it, broke into the oven and put the fire out. Thankfully, we only lost the leg of the bird, and the rest of it was just a little extra crispy on the outside. That memory is still a favorite of my family’s, and my sister and I still quote my mom frequently saying “the turkey is on fire” when she gets worked up about something.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy and delicious Thanksgiving!