Nothing To Grape About

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By: Alex Weiss

As most of you know from either speaking with me or reading my prior articles– I recently was on vacation to Northern California and wine country. Specifically, I visited Davis, CA (near Sacramento), Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, and San Francisco. It was a trip of a life time for many reasons and some that I wanted to share. Before I get into the details about the trip, I wanted to thank everyone for the suggestions, tips, and recommendations; as this trip was planned mostly by you. The first, and maybe the most rewarding part was that Ashley and I connected with my cousin who I do not get to see much, as well as with friends that moved to the ‘other coast’ three years ago. It was very nice to spend uninterrupted time with them. How I got to see my cousin was an illustration of the power of social media. I simply posted a picture of Ashley and myself at a vineyard, and my cousin whose husband is stationed in Sonoma, CA (for the coast guard) gave me a ring to hang out! It was a very pleasant surprise.

While in Davis we went white water rafting – and our raft guide was slightly crazy. And by slightly crazy, I mean totally crazy. I determined this by our very first rapid when he decided to try and dislodge the raft that went prior to us that was stuck on a rock. We all followed his lead and it was full steam ahead. Long story short, we ended up having more of a collision than a gentle dislodge of the other raft. I ended up getting flung from my seat and found myself floating in the water while the raft guide catapulted out of his position. This was an exciting way to start a 5 hour trip down the American River.

When staying in wine country, we were in Healdsburg (Northern Sonoma County). After being in the town square for dinner a few nights, both Ashley and I got the same vibe as we do when visiting Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This translated to a very enjoyable time at a few vineyards, delicious dinners, and of course a bowl of homemade ice cream.

One of the many unexpected surprises of the trip was not only the sheer size of the Golden Gate Bridge, but also how beautiful Sausalito is. We had lunch on the water (per a recommendation of a reader of this article) and it was spectacular. We had a crab sandwich on sourdough bread which is the specialty of the restaurant.

Now it is time to plan the next trip. Not sure what it will be, but I have Europe on my mind. With the weather starting to turn from spring to summer, Cape Cod seems to be calling my name.  The large trip may have to wait until next year which will give me more time to plan. 

Thank you again for all of the helpful tips! Until next time…