Ode to Fall

US Wealth Napolitano |

We waited all year for the summer to come,

Yet early next week the season is done.

Is it my imagination?  How could this happen so fast?

It seemed like just yesterday that winter had passed!

I’d like to remark that my favorite time of year is fall

The trees turn all yellow and it’s time for football.

The warm days and cool nights are good for leaf peeping

But most people feel it’s a great time for sleeping.

On weekends we head west to pick apples for hungry eaters

With Halloween next month, they’ll be flocks of trick or treaters!

Come November we’ll have ourselves a feast for Thanksgiving

To celebrate blessings and reasons for living.

The fear is what follows, what comes with that cold?

The Farmer’s Almanac says it’s snow, or so I am told.

Before we trod down that path I’ll remember to enjoy

The memories of summer I spent with my boy.


This article was written by Tom Fletcher.