An Ode To Halloween

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Tom Fletcher, CFP®

This year's Halloween has arrived and passed,

holidays like these, they whisk by too fast!

The costumes I saw were clever, amusing and spooky,

as a hillbilly I employed ugly fake teeth with a brown beard that was flowing and kooky.

My wife helped create a mad scientist outfit for my son,

he had lab coat, white wig, radioactive beaker, and goggles that spun

it turned out to be an enormous home run.

The candy given out this year seemed OK, but nothing outstanding,

though I confess, I eat very little to prevent the waistline from expanding.

My son collected lots of malted milk balls, Milky Ways, and Snickers, at least 20,

what happened to Butterfingers, Almond Joys, Mounds and Good & Plenty?

The crowds this year in the city seemed bigger than ever,

that didn't seem to prevent the trick or treaters whatsoever.

They close off streets such as Pinckney, Mount Vernon, Chestnut and Cedar Lane Way,

without all the cars it makes walking around OK.

My favorite part of Halloween in Beacon Hill are the fun decorations,

I've included some photos to applaud their creations