Officially a Nap-Teamer Now

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Jenn Kovalski

I have been employed here at U.S. Wealth Management with the Nap Team for officially 9 months now and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you either in person or over the phone. With this benchmark also comes the time when I officially become a writer for the Nap Team’s newsletter too. For these past months, I have been the organizer and assembler of it and am happy to take the next step towards introducing myself to you even more through this newsletter.

I grew up in Duxbury, MA where I still am fortunate enough to live. The best part about living in Duxbury is easily the beach. I am a huge beach bum, and have been known to race there after work gets out on every available Friday in the summer. The only other thing that makes me race out of work is my cats. I have two, Penny and C.C., both of whom I have an unhealthy obsession with. Their personalities are bigger than life and they keep me on my toes.

Prior to joining U.S. Wealth Management, I was managing a successful, homemade ice cream shop, Far Far’s. I also worked for a time in sales and marketing for a sports performance training facility. Additionally, I coached both club and high school girls’ basketball in Duxbury.

The last 9 months have been a whirlwind. It was not easy starting a totally different career in a business so foreign to me, but I wanted to do it. During my first in-person interview with the company, Alex asked me “if I knew what an ACAT was”. Believe me when I tell you that I was about to say “I do, a feline”. But I opted for a less cat-affinitive answer and went with “No I don’t, but I can learn”.

Going into New Years, I always try to take something away from the previous 365 days of the year I can improve upon. I have found that it’s a really good way to learn about yourself and apply it for the future, which can be just as helpful as making a resolution. So, my biggest take away from 2015, is that no matter how old, young, educated (or what have you), you can always learn something brand new. It is not always pretty, and generally super uncomfortable, but if you ask questions and stick with it, eventually things start to click. I don’t really believe that anyone is born into anything. Sure there are natural talents, and subjects that individuals gravitate towards, but a surgeon is not born a surgeon. There is a lot of training, hard work, and studying to be able to do what they do. So having the belief that just because you don’t know something at a particular moment, does not mean that you can’t learn it. Now, 9 months later, I actually like when I am asked to do an ACAT, because I know what it is!

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and safe New Year!