One in the Books!

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Tom Fletcher, CFP®


Other than perhaps an occasional outdoor hockey game, I never thought I’d head to Fenway Park in the middle of February. But just like about anything else in this weird COVID environment, this year was different. Rather than watching a baseball game, I was lucky enough to be there to receive my first COVID-19 vaccine. No I’m not over the age of 75, which at the time was the requirement for receiving a dose. Instead I was part of the Massachusetts vaccine companion rule which allowed me to accompany my 80 year old mother in law, and both receive shots. 

Going into the clinic, I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently everything went down. No surprise of course, but we were required to register in advance. Upon arrival, we provided our names and dates of birth, they checked them off the master list, then headed into the Fenway’s inner sanctum. There seemed to be helpful staff just about everywhere guiding us this way and that until we reached our destination with the needle. After receiving our shots, we were guided over to a monitoring area just to make sure we felt OK, and where we were also able to book our second vaccine appointment 21 days out (our vaccines were from Pfizer). From there I took a picture of Fenway’s

snow covered field and we were on our way.

Some surprises for me was how warm it was in that place! I expected an outdoor setting, and dressed accordingly. Instead they had heaters blasting and all the entrances to the field were sealed in plexiglass. I’m guessing it was close to 80º, and it wasn’t long before I was working up a good sweat (sorry about the TMI). The second surprise was how sore my shoulder got after the shot. It was a doozy. Thankfully that was the only side effect I seemed to experience, but it lasted a good 3 or 4 days. My body would regularly remind me at night that I was sleeping on the wrong side. For me though, that was a very small price to pay for such an important lifetime event. I’m looking forward to getting the next one behind me. Hopefully that’s it for awhile!