One Child’s Prize is Another Grown Man’s Fortune

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By: Thomas W. Schulte, CFP®

From approximately first grade to somewhere around fourth grade (before the serious homework was distributed by teachers), my younger sister, Jenny and I followed a strict, self-imposed evening schedule. Following dinner and before the bedtime wind-down was reserved for workbooks. These workbooks contained arithmetic challenges, grammar review, spelling tests—all the fun stuff! Why might an eight & six year old forgo video games and TV for more school? Pokémon cards.

After completing the workbook page, we’d rip it from the book and run it to my Dad for the agonizing review process, while he watched a young Tom Brokaw on the evening news. It was a stressful few minutes while he checked for accuracy and we daydreamed about which Pokémon cards may or may not be in our future. If there was a mistake, he’d give us the page back without clarifying where the error was, forcing us to review and resubmit. It was a brutal process that often drew tears. However, once accepted, he would open a fresh pack of Pokémon cards, shuffle, and fan-out face down to allow a single card to be chosen. It was a euphoric, irreplaceable feeling that made all the pain and suffering worth it.

After years of collecting these cards in a protective binder, trading with friends and arguing over rarity, like all things, Pokémon cards fell out of vogue. The binder full of hundreds of cards, many of which first edition, collected dust and were eventually donated or possibly thrown out in a basement purge. The fact that these were disposed of in one way or another didn’t begin to bug me until

this past Sunday night, but I have now become quite upset.

For those not aware, the highest-paid boxer of all time, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather fought a social media star by the name of Logan Paul in an exhibition match that’s predicted to be the highest grossing exhibition match of all time. Today’s boxers are notorious for wearing the most lavish, over the top items into the ring before the fight. Million dollar watches, diamond chains, head-pieces you name it. What did Logan Paul wear when entering the ring Sunday night? A 1st edition holographic Charzard Pokémon card from 1999 as a lanyard hanging from his neck. The value of a card such as this? Estimated at half a million dollars today.

Though not the exact same card, I had a very similar limited edition holographic Charzard card around the turn of the century. If my memory serves me correctly, I traded it for a couple packs of gum at lunch time to my friend Matt. *Cue the painful sigh*