A Picture Perfect Halloween

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Folks from Beacon Hill, where I reside, take Halloween pretty darn seriously. Many scary glowing eyed mannequins that move and sometimes sing and dance are placed by doorways, pumpkins are cleverly carved and old apartment buildings tend to look positively ancient when significant amounts of rayon spider webbing is added along with some accent lighting.

Having a 10 year old son immediately allows us to be included in this ghoulish fun, although we get such a kick out of the “holiday” that I think we’ll continue the tradition until I enter a nursing home. Alex will tell you that day is not too far away, but please don’t believe him.

This year we purchased a couple of jumbo pumpkins to display our carving skills; luckily they are still intact. I actually enjoy seeing them decay a bit, as they tend to look a little scarier when they start to decompose. We have a light timer that kicks in at dusk to bathe the pumpkins and our entrance stairway in orangeness. Add in a late fall nor’easter, and our house really does look haunted.

To me, the highlight of the Fletcher’s Halloween is how creative my wife can be crafting a costume for my son. If you recall from my past Halloween article, last year my son was a balloonist, complete with basket, ballast and of course the large balloon over his head. If you never saw the picture of him, please let me know, and I will send it to you. He had a hard time walking anywhere on the street without some stranger approaching him asking to take his picture. Luckily he could float away if he didn’t feel like it – OK, I’m just kidding.

I felt that this year’s costume was as equally impressive as in years past. I’m just not sure where my wife receives all this inspiration. This year he became a giant SLR camera complete with a red eye indicator, protruding lens, flash, and an LCD display on the back. She typically spends weeks in advance meticulously discussing the project with my son, gathering the materials, spray painting the exterior of the costume, then putting the final touches on the masterpiece. I’ve included a couple of pictures for you.

The Halloween weather this year was spectacular. As a result, it felt like nearly everyone was out and about. And like years past, everyone wanted a photo of, or with my son. Ironically his camera couldn’t take any pictures however.   


This article was written by Tom Fletcher.