Plenty of Summer Left in the Tank

US Wealth Napolitano |

As I gaze out the office window overlooking the beautiful Blue Hills Reservation, I notice the light yellow of pine needles beginning to turn amongst a few red maples that have decided to turn from green to red.  The viewing from here will be spectacular in a month or two – but on August 20… I’m not ready for autumn, regardless how much I love that time of the year.

According to my calendar, there is an entire month of summer left. To me, that is another month of loving living in New England as the beaches empty and the ocean temperatures continue to remain tolerable.  I’ve always enjoyed the end of summer.  Perhaps it is my tribute to not having to go back to school anymore. This would be my 36th summer since graduating from Bentley where I don’t have to shove off to school in September. That feeling of being liberated hasn’t grown old yet, and inspires me to pack an entire second summer’s worth of fun into the last month.  Beach, Golf, Barbeque, Bike Rides all take center stage for these final acts of summer.

This also marks the first end of summer in 22 years that I haven’t shipped any young ones off to school.  Now this liberating feeling has a second generation in my family, and I hope that the end of summer gets the same good feelings going inside them as they won’t need to register for classes or spend an entire summer’s earnings on books.

As the crowds dissipate, I find great fun in enjoying those activities that are simply too darn crowded for me during prime time.  A few of the favorites (where I’ll definitely be spotted in the next 30 days) are:

1). The beaches of Dennis, MA.  If you are an early bird, getting parking in July is possible.  But if you want to enjoy breakfast and then leisurely make it to the beach after reading the paper, from now until the end of summer is about the only time that you’ll get into the parking lots.  For those who think being on the beach is boring, bring a surf caster and stroll down to the river to catch a few late season striped bass.
2). Take a ride on the Boston Harbor Ferry or Water taxi.  The islands in Boston Harbor are a true treasure that is virtually empty mid-week after Labor Day.  Spend the day cruising the harbor, touring the islands and end it with a beverage and nibbles at Alme Nove at the Hingham Shipyard.  This is one restaurant to be avoided during peak summer hours.
3). In the mountains, early September is rather slow.  The lakes are still warm, and with the summer visitors gone and the leaf peepers not yet on the bus, the lakes of NH, Maine and Vermont are a great place to be as the nights cool down and leaves begin to turn.
4). The Wellfleet Beachcomber is about as good as it gets.  The Beachcomber is a quintessential New England raw bar and restaurant perched high above Cahoon Hollow Beach in Wellfleet… perhaps my favorite place in all of New England.   The only bummer – they close for the season on Labor Day.  Maybe this year I’ll try to be there for last call!
5). Wellfleet fresh water kettle ponds. There is nothing better than cleaning off an Atlantic sea salt soaked body in the cool, clean water of the kettle ponds in Wellfleet.  During the peak summer hours, these places are only available to residents with stickers.  But after Labor Day… you can swim to your hearts content.

We hope that you have a little summer left in your tank.  Please send us your summer photo’s… the submissions have been a bit slow lately, and we want to show the world how much summer fun that our friends and clients can pack into this last month of summer.

This is the last time that you’ll ever get to enjoy the end of summer 2014. Please enjoy it!

This article was written by John P. Napolitano.