Presidential Debates and Sports Radio

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST, RLP®

Last Saturday’s presidential debate reminded me more of sports radio than a showcase for our next president. And let me state for the record that I really don’t like sports radio.  Sports radio is dominated by media personalities pampering what is arguably the most overpaid and under productive portion of our population; professional athletes.  In fact, a professional head coach client of our firm refuses to refer us to any of his athletes because he claims that he is the highest paid baby sitter in America, and wouldn’t wish that on anyone else. I’ve often said, “try me”, but he says to be careful what you ask for.

When these crazy sports shows have callers, and everyone just starts yelling to out shout the other person is what I like least. That is how I felt after last week’s debate. It was entertaining, somewhat informative and very revealing.

All in all, I’m appreciative at some of the hard core issues being bantered about by the candidates from both camps. We are seeing issues and styles that never before have graced the run for president. At this stage, I don’t have a favorite, and it will definitely be entertaining to see who yells at who next. But until then, I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about our election process. Can you ever imagine this type of behavior in the UK?  Someone might actually spill their tea or drop a crumpet.

Fast forward these thoughts to inauguration day 2017. As of now, everyone sits back and assumes that one of the current debaters from either side will get the nod. But don’t underestimate the possibility that a moderate person pops up in the middle to steal votes from the extreme sides of either party, leaving the election result to be anybody’s best guess. 

And if, by chance, one of the polarizing candidates does get elected; now what? Move, stick your head in the sand or pray for another four years of grid lock?