Real vs.Fake

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By: Alexander Weiss, CFP®

A topic that I love to debate with myself and others constantly: Do you go for the real thing, or get the fake one to help save some time and/or aggravation? This debate starts picking up speed ahead of Thanksgiving and the topic is usually around cranberry sauce. Typically, you fall into two camps: #1, the jelly out of the can; or #2, homemade, whole, cranberry sauce. Where do you stand on this?


For me, I have been in Camp Jelly for many years. I am not sure if it reminded me of my childhood Thanksgivings or if it was just that much easier to spread on the sandwich the next day. But I finally had an amazing homemade cranberry sauce at Friendsgiving earlier this year that made me take a long hard look in the mirror. The only problem is that when I went to recreate it myself, it was a disaster and thankfully we had a can of the good ol’ Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce in the pantry. This is just one piece of the puzzle on the real vs. fake debate at Thanksgiving, but let’s move on.


Next part of the debate, the Christmas tree. This one has to be real in our house. But I know my Mom moved to a fake tree years ago. Is any one of us in the wrong?  Well, it depends on who you ask. Ashley and I have been getting real trees together for a long time and I stand strong on this decision despite my tree disposal issues in the past. When we lived in Beacon Hill in a fourth-floor walkup (important to the story), we left the tree up too long and it was extremely dead when it was time for removal. I didn’t want to buy a tree bag as I didn’t want to waste any money. I did the best I could and wrapped up the tree and just muscled it down the stairs fighting the rigid, brittle branches. By the time I got the tree outside on the curb, about 10% of the pine needles that I started with were left on said tree. The rest left a trail of destruction that took me multiple hours to clean up. While I am still on the “real” side of the tree debate, this taught me an extremely valuable lesson: bring the tree in knowing exactly how we would get it out. Never again have I made this mistake.


Last, but not least, I can move the debate over to the dessert table. Are you going out and buying something for dessert or making it from scratch? I have done a combination of both, but always find myself tasting the extra love someone puts into a homemade cookie… are they just better? Or is our mind telling us it should be better? What are your favorite real vs. fake debates?


I hope you have an amazing holiday season and have time to relax with who is most important to you. It has been quite the year (again). If you need me, I will be near my real tree eating a homemade cookie.


Until next time…