Rite of Passage

US Wealth Napolitano |

What an exciting past few weeks it has been since my last article. The first thing I need to report is that my highly anticipated inaugural home owner issue has come to fruition. As you would imagine, the weather outside has become an issue by welcoming itself into the walls and ceiling of my condominium.  Also, in the middle of fixing everything you will never guess what I attended– another wedding. I feel that I write about these a lot, and Tom Fletcher has confirmed this fact (just in case you are wondering).

With all of the weather we have had recently and my previous winters as a renter, I never thought much about ice dams. The condo building that I live in is an old brick building (about 100 years old) with a flat roof. Our heating system works very well and I have learned recently that brick does like to ‘breathe.’ Due to both of these factors, the warm brick melted some of the six feet of snow on the roof and decided to make its way down a section of the condo. Luckily for me, it decided to make a pit stop on my ceiling, walls, and floors.  

I have been preparing myself emotionally as well as having the correct tools. What I didn’t have, however, was proper equipment for a leaky ceiling – and why would I, as I am on the first floor of a five story building. Creativity blossomed as we keep up with the water and traced the issue to the roof. Outside of a few water stains, it was eventually fixed after a handful of days with only minimal damage. I view this as my first rite of passage as a home owner with many more to come. The lack of sleep and worry about how it would affect the condo unit became the norm as many people reading this article can understand. My mother continues to tell me parenting carries similar feelings– but hopefully I will not have to find out for a few more years.

Fortunately the problem was solved a few days before my departure flight to Atlanta, where I hoped to escape from the snow and cold. When I looked at the forecast it was not what I expected, but luckily the warmth came as a surprise (45 degrees is warm– relative to home at least). We welcomed a new cousin into the family and I got to spend time with my out of state relatives who I do not get to see as much as I would like.  

In less than 2 months, I will be headed to Amherst, NH for one of my best friend’s wedding. The reception is set at a winery and I will be delivering a best man’s speech for the ages. For those of you who know me, I am never short of words and hopefully I can keep the speech short and sweet.

Luckily for me, the leaking decided to happen when I was home, and not in Atlanta while I was away for the weekend. That will be the next rite of passage I will be getting ready for – coming home to a frozen pipe (ask Tom, it happened to him last week!).

Until next time…