The S#!^ Has Hit The Fan…

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

No, I’m not talking about Warren Zevon’s hit song Lawyers, Guns and Money, I’m talking about Weather. Last week we had the first major nor’easter of the season in the Boston area with what meteorologists call a “Bomb Cyclone”.

Also known as a “Winter Hurricane”, a bomb cyclone is deemed alive when the atmospheric pressure drops by 24 millibars in 24 hours.  Last week’s Bomb Cyclone impacted areas from New York to Maine, with the Boston area… especially the south shore where I live, hit especially hard. Rather than plagiarizing a more detailed definition of a bomb cyclone, check out this simple video on the definition of a bomb cyclone

If you want to see a video account of what it looked like just a quarter mile from my front door… check out this video.

Now for the good part…at least for me. I was attending a conference in Miami of business retirement plans.  One can never get enough education when it comes to helping our business owner clients. But as this relates to the weather, I guess I’d rather be lucky than smart.

Joanie, however, was home through the entire thing.  Battening down the hatches, clearing the patio of movable objects and honkering down for a good ‘old northeaster by herself.  Oddly enough though, she loved it and felt like a kid in a candy store even with the power out for almost two days.  For the first time since we’ve build our new home, the whole house generator finally earned its keep.

Although without cable TV and internet, we had power, heat and the ice box fully functioning.  She was able to help neighbors charge their electronic devices, have friends over for coffee, and even have a sleepover with Rob, Jenna and Baby Ellie as their home was also in the dark. I guess I did miss something I would have liked.

The next time we have a power outage on the south shore, and you need a few ice cubes for your evening entertainment… call my cell phone.  We’ll leave the lights on for you.