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We here at U.S. Wealth Management have made great strides with the introduction and implementation of our personal service guide. That is our way of documenting for you the exceptional service that you can expect to receive from our team and the entire company. If you can’t find yours or want to learn more about it, email me personally at

In that guide, you have the photos and complete contact information from everyone at U.S. Wealth Management that you may need for service. Also included are our cell phones, which is our clients’ and friends’ ticket to 24/7 guidance or service. Unlike the big box stores in the financial world, we are available anytime; anywhere you need us via those cell phones.

We believe that we have all of the information that we need about you except for one thing. That is a picture of your beautiful face. We’d like to include your photo in our system so that everyone at U.S. Wealth Management will know who you are when you walk through the door. There is nothing freaky or devious going on like the face recognition software that futurists talk about for retail entities. It is simply to continue elevating your experience at dealing with us. We want your face to be indelibly engrained in the minds of everyone at U.S. Wealth Management who serve your needs behind the scenes as much as your front line companions on the Napolitano Team who meet with you face to face.

Please send us your favorite photo of yourself. If you can’t find a photo that you like, no worries. We’ll use this latest gadget called an iPhone and grab a shot of you when you next cruise through our offices or vice versa.

This article was written by John P. Napolitano

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