Settling In

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Settling In

The excitement of purchasing my first home has started to calm down and reality is sinking in. I am officially all moved in, pictures are hung on the walls, and nothing ‘needs’ to be done – it truly feels like home. While the physical space has completed the transformation – I still haven’t completely figured out the neighborhood.

I was lucky enough to grow up in Hanover, MA which is a beautiful and relatively quiet suburb 30 minutes south of Boston (without traffic). Fortunately we got to know each of our neighbors because everyone did yard work, we were invited to neighborhood barbeques, and all the kids our age would just be outside and inevitably we would run into each other. As I am starting to realize a neighborhood in the city is quite different. You may see people walking on the street but you have no idea if they live in the area or not.

After seeing the same people time after time you finally put it together with who lives on the street. You go from the awkward head nod to the formal hellos. Then eventually it is the neighbor’s dog that runs over and breaks the ice so you get to formally meet your neighbors (true story).

The next part of settling in for me was figuring out where to get a quick, delicious, sandwich for lunch. This is a personal favorite of mine because there is nothing better than having a well-made lunch that you can bring on the roof deck or the park bench to enjoy the scenery. The only hard part is that since I don’t know the neighbors quite yet, I was forced to complete the task using the old methodology of trial and error. I am happy to say that the favorite sandwich place has been established (Flour Bakery + Café) and I have yet to have something I do not like.  I also have a close second just to mix it up from time to time.

The last, and maybe the hardest, part is having the wherewithal to determine which restaurants to go to for the type of company you have over. I love my mother dearly, but I am not going to take her to the same place that my youngest brother would enjoy. I have not figured this part of the equation out but I am trying a different location each time so I can establish my bearings. Yelp and the food review websites help, but nothing is like seeing the place for yourself. And for a nice date in the South End, I recently visited Coppa which is an Italian style tapas place that will not let you down!

Settling in is the fun part of the new home. Hopefully nothing breaks in the near future that has me feeling differently. Unfortunately it is inevitable as we all saw from Tom’s article on his money pits, specifically his first home! Until next time…

This article was written by Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®