A Snow Bird in the Making

US Wealth Napolitano |

I used to think that escaping at least part of winter is a luxury that I can live without. Last winter I began thinking that I may be wrong with a thoroughly enjoyable trip to the Southern Hemisphere, namely South Africa.  This year, I’m convinced; I doubt I’ll ever go another winter without a break from the snow and ice.

Between two foot ice dams and snow drifts taller than me on my roof, Joan and I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii.  This time, we went to the garden island of Kauai and loved every minute of it.  The first glimpse of love came when we booked it a couple of months ago.  Did you know that it is less costly to rent a nice condo near the beach in Kauai than it is on Cape Cod? Neither did either of us until we did it. Well worthwhile.

The real love started building when I got the first live view of what is my most favorite sight on earth, turquoise water. I am such a softie when it comes to that great color of Ocean that only happens somewhere well south of the Mason Dixon line. On Kauai however, there is more than water color to marvel at.  Did you know that the mountains in the center of Kauai is the rainiest place on earth?  Averaging more than 430 inches per year, that section of the island is greener than the Boston Celtics on St. Patty’s day. Just the other side of the mountains is the Na Pali coast – by far the most unbelievable sight that I’ve ever seen.  You can only get there by foot, boat or helicopter.  We chose the copter route – with no regrets.  In fact, my daughter Julia pegged this copter ride on Kauai on her Facebook page as the day her life peaked.  Let’s hope for her that this is not true, but that is quite the endorsement.

The other side of the wet mountains and the Na Pali coast – Waimea Canyon. Waimea is a 10 mile long, 3,000 foot deep canyon resembling our mainland Grand Canyon.  A four mile hike to one of the hundreds of waterfalls throughout the canyon, and again we knew that this place was special.

But now, I’m back in the saddle with all of the snow and ice melted from my roof without a trace of damage.  A good feeling, and hat’s off to the builders who did a better job than I may have realized at the time. But with spring starting this Friday – I do look forward to the green tint that pops through the lawn, and opening day of the baseball season. 

Please remember to join us here in Braintree on 4/6 at 3 PM for a luxury box experience right here on the first floor of our building as we watch the Phillies host the Red Sox in Philly.  This will be a good time, and even if there is snow on the ground – who cares. It’ll be spring at 30 Braintree Hill Office Park on 4/6.

This article was written by John P. Napolitano