So Much for Global Warming

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

As we sit here looking at another snowy day in our Braintree Headquarters, I think about my snow bird friends with their feet in the sand somewhere warm. Yes, this year I am jealous.  Except this year I’m not sure if it is an age thing or the seemingly long, cold and white winter.

As the trucks have departed from major league ballparks in the Northeast to their spring training homes in Florida and Arizona, I thought of being a stow-a-way.  But then my sense took over, and I realized that a ride on Jet Blue would be both easier and faster… albeit not this year.

Some of our friends fly to warmer climes.  Others fly and have a car waiting in their snowbird home. And the most adventurous have all tried the auto train, where you can load your car on a train in DC and leave the driving to Amtrak.

The rest of us back here scraping ice and filling the snow blower with gas would like to live vicariously through you. We would appreciate any photos of you enjoying the warm weather.  If you have any photos of your travels to these warmer climes… send that along too. You will see them in our next week’s letter to you.

For the rest of you hanging in the great white north… send us your photos too.  Misery loves company, even those in a better place for the moment.

Until next week… stay warm or keep the sunscreen on - depending on your preference.