Splinter Gate

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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

In celebration of Mr. Tom Brady’s 44th birthday yesterday, we had our own ‘gate’ happen while we were away last week. You can read all the books and ask all the questions, but nothing quite surprised me as much as getting the first real splinter in our precious little

daughter’s hand. From distracting to bribing, we tried it all and we still had a terrorist negotiation on our hands to allow us time to finally get the splinter out. That was our Tuesday on what turned out to be an adventurous few days down on Cape Cod this past week.

It started as a ‘normal’ day on the Cape as we took a morning walk before heading to the beach in order to find our daughter's #1 activity – the balance beam (yes, very 2020 Tokyo Olympics of her). This was not your typical balance beam, it was just a good ol’ speed bump in the road, but did she find this entertaining! And on the walk back, she put her hands all over a rigid telephone pole and you guessed it, she got her first splinter. It wasn’t easy, but we finally got this thing out of her palm.

Not to worry, our time away was very enjoyable outside of Splinter Gate. It was the first time in weeks that we had a few days of sun in a row and we took advantage of it. We did get our ice cream from Sundae School, the annual summer steamed lobster with a side of corn on the cob, went to the Chatham airport, and spent as much time at the beach as possible.

One thing we did confirm is that service at some restaurants is a touch slower, which isn’t all that bad. We tried a new place in Harwich Port called Mad Minnow and the food was great, service was prompt, and they had a nice place to eat outside. If you haven’t been, I would suggest going. 
What Splinter Gate did reiterate for me is that no matter how hard you plan and work towards perfection, always expect the unexpected. Splinters were not anywhere on my radar and then it was front and center, requiring 100% of my attention. In your personal financial life, you need to always remain flexible and understand how things out of your control can change the plan – even if it’s just a minor splinter.

We hope everyone continues to enjoy the summer. Until next time…