This Spring Is Different

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST, RLP®

Not only was the weather different this year, but for me personally there are a couple of other matters that are completely different.

The first is allergies. In my first 58 years I never had to deal with allergies, but for some reason in this 59th spring of my life, I have allergies.  Darn near two weeks of feeling generally lousy with all the classic symptoms that pollen has laid on others since the beginning of time. Would it be inappropriate for me to wish for winter again?

The second is the garden. With the family home on the market, I figured that this would be the first year that I would get a bye on tilling and maintaining the garden. But after further review of the decision in the garden, I went ahead and planted 38 hot pepper plants and a few herbs over the Memorial Day weekend.

With little activity on the sale and my prior experience at selling and closing on homes, it will be at least another 60 days before I have to be out of the home. In that time frame, I’ll harvest lots of fresh herbs and a bunch of hot peppers. The first peppers should be pick-able by mid-July while the herbs will be used in cooking starting almost immediately. Herbs definitely grow fuller and bigger if you use them as you grow them. In fact, the oregano plants, spearmint, chives and lemon balm (all of which are perennials) are already over one foot tall and in need of their first trimming of the year. I also felt that if I invested the time to get the garden going and nurturing it for most of the summer, that it would bring us some luck with the sale. As weird as it feels to me, it would be great going to our closing knowing that the lucky new buyer will be eating my rewards for the next few months. If you want some perennial herbs just give me a call and ill dig some up for you.

The only thing that I didn’t plant (yet) is the statue of Saint Joseph.  Historians think that this ritual was started by some European Nuns around 1500 AD because they needed more land for their cloister. They thought that by burying medals of Saint Joseph that their prayers would be heard more clearly.  Needless to say they got their land and that is how this antic got started. Today the ritual is to bury a statue of Saint Joseph either upside down, on its side or one foot deep. The theory here is that Saint Joseph will help your home get sold so that he can get out of the ground quicker. Let me know if you think we should bury the statue and proceed with the nine days of prayer to find the right family for the home. The statues are readily available on!