Spring Forward

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

What a wonderful time of year- the clocks have sprung forward, providing us an extra hour (and counting!) of warm sunlight each day. Another sign of spring (for me), was just last week when I purchased a pair of Red Sox tickets for a home game at Fenway Park. Many people associate this time of year with a big cleaning of some sort when they put away the sweaters and big coats in exchange for shorts and tee-shirts. While Ashley and I have some of the same spring routines, we also start to schedule our summer vacations right around now.

The first big trip on the books is to California wine country in May. It is the classic trifecta. We are celebrating Ashley’s birthday, a wedding, and extra time with friends. This is my second trip there and I plan to do things differently than before. The biggest change is staying closer to the winery that we plan to visit and making sure we obtain a bus/driver that will not also be joining in on the wine tastings. It is amazing how just a few samples can catch up with you so quickly! For this trip, we will be staying in Napa for one night and Healdsburg for two (which is where the wedding is).

The other adjustment is, wine club (singularly). Massachusetts residents recently gained the ability to ship the wine directly to their front door. What most don’t know is the person behind this change in legislation is already well known in our wonderful commonwealth. Not that we need another reason to love New England Patriot quarterbacks, but the man who led the team before Mr. Thomas Brady is the reason we can now get wine to our front door. This person is no other than Drew Bledsoe! He is an owner of a winery in Washington State called Doubleback Winery. For me, the greatest benefit of this legislative change is that when we find a wine we really love, we can now have a few bottles shipped home so we can share them with family and friends over the summer. The last time that I was in wine country I told myself I would ‘find something similar’ when I got home - but I never could! I also want to scientifically test if the wine tastes better in a vineyard setting. I am sure the beautiful scenery has something to do with it, but I will present my notes and findings in a future article.

The second trip we have planned is to Cape Cod for a few relaxing days in June. While nothing outside the hotel is on the books quite yet, I am sure we will have something up our sleeve a few weeks prior. We love trying the ‘hole in the wall’ type places – so if you have any recommendations please send them along. We are big fans of Sesuit Harbor Café and places just like it.

I hope your spring is a great success.

Until next time…