Spring Has Sprung In The Garden

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John Napolitano

Even though I may be cheating by a week or two with the risk of frost still present here in New England, Tis the season to till the garden and get the hot peppers and herbs in the ground.  A couple of weeks of worry now will deliver results sooner.  Some may be thinking that I’m such a risk taker, but the downside is simply that I need to replace some frost charred seedlings.

Last year for the first time I had the deer all over my garden.  They didn’t eat the Habanero peppers, but they did munch down the plant where no peppers were present. I think for this year, I’ll spare the fox urine repellent around the garden and go with the Irish Spring solution.  I never tried it before, but from everything I read the deer can’t stand the smell of Irish Spring Soap. It’s not my favorite either, but I’ll spread some chunks around the garden because it is supposed to work like a charm as long as there is some soap left.

In addition to the veggie garden, I’m planning on mixing it up in the flower department this year.  After this winter, I should be thrilled with the same old geraniums, begonias and snapdragons… but I’m not.  I’d like to find something different, and would really appreciate your suggestions. We have room for full sun, part shade or all shade; and I’d like to learn about your favorites. I’m not going to worry about the alleged “deer resistant” varieties because the deer in my neighborhood can’t read the labels, and seem to eat the deer resistant types too. Here’s hoping that the soap works!

10 feet of snow may have made for one hellish winter in the burbs, but it hasn’t stopped the perennials from sprouting.  The bulbs have popped, and look even better than last year. And in the herb garden, I already have foot long scallions, a healthy patch or oregano, lemon balm and a lonely sage plant that survived under the snow with new growth on it.

This may be the last year of this garden.  With all the children grown, off the dole and on their own… it may be time to sell the family home.  Stay tuned.  During the course of the summer I’ll share pictures of the results and explain Joan’s new concept of ‘funsizing’ our next home.