Spring Travel

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With another storm behind us and another one potentially on the horizon it seems to be the only thing people are talking about in the northeast. Believe it or not, we are only 60 or so days away from opening day of the Red Sox. For me and my family, that is the unofficial first day of spring.

Instead of talking about the snow I wanted to talk about this coming spring. Spring 2015 will start another year of weddings for my family and friends. My siblings will also be providing me with more nieces and nephews. Most importantly, I am working out the details on my first trip to San Francisco and wine country.

Traveling is a passion of mine because seeing new sites and exploring unique traditions get me excited.  Some of my all-time favorite sights were from my first trip to Europe just about two years ago. For those of you who don’t know, that was a 10 day trip with a group of 8 friends which covered Venice Italy, Lucerne Switzerland, Munich Germany, and two places in the Czech Republic. Two parts of the trip were the most unique for me. When we were in Venice, I connected with my Italian heritage as we watched a fireworks show at St. Marc Plaza. This was topped two days later (no pun intended) when we ascended Mt. Pilatus in Lucerne to look over the Swiss Alps as the fog rolled in.

As we plan our trip to San Francisco we want to plan a few days in the city, a few days in wine country, and a few days with friends. While in the city, we want to make sure we see as much of the downtown area as possible. I have not done any research so any suggestions are welcome. It has always been a personal goal (and bucket list item) to stomp on grapes to make my own wine. While we head into wine country that will be on my list of things to do. For some reason the activity seems so exciting, but drinking the wine afterwards is not appealing at all.

The trip will be topped off by seeing some of our closest friends right outside of San Francisco. They live in Davis which can be compared to the vibe of  Burlington VT. Luckily for me, this stop will provide time to unwind and enjoy a few good laughs with old friends.

Spring is closer than it feels with only 35 days until official day. Hopefully all this snow melts in time for some travel and the opening of barbecue season! Keep warm and until next time…  

This article was written by Alex Weiss.