A ‘Sterling’ Weekend

US Wealth Napolitano |

This past fall weekend my son and I joined four other “families” to go camping at Davis Farmland in Sterling, Massachusetts, about an hour west of Boston.  I put the word families in quotes because for some unknown reason the wives decided to boycott the camping portion of the weekend and go out for a sumptuous dinner in town instead.  Puzzling. 

The unique aspect of camping at Davis Farmland is that you do just that, camp in the middle of the farm.  On your left side of your tent there may be the goat pen, on the right the baby cows.  You hope your luck holds out and the peacocks and roosters remain distant and silent.  As a rule, goats are good neighbors and peacocks are not.  There is a tale of an unruly peacock several summers ago that pretty much ruined it for everyone.

The weather was perfect, similar to a crisp fall day, with a bright blue sky.  The contents of our sumptuous meal were grilled cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and barbeque.  As a bonus, it is a natural fact that everything taste better outdoors.

Once the sun began to set, we all piled into two hay wagons and headed out yonder to a large bonfire surrounded with hay bales for premium seating.  Keeping to yourself was not an option here as the farm staff led the group in harmonious singing, dancing, illuminated Frisbee throwing, and s’mores consumption.  Incidentally, the world record at Davis Farmland for eating s’mores is 14.  I was especially thankful that my son decided not to challenge that.

If it wasn’t for that 4:00 rooster, I probably would have had the best night of sleep ever.   The rooster must have woken up the donkey, the donkey must have woken up that darn peacock.   I think you get where I’m going here.  Regardless, it was a beautiful cool New England morning.   After rising and shining, some pancakes, taking in the vistas (which included some impromptu hot air balloons), it was time to take down the tents and let the kids run around the park and have some serious fun.  Later when my rested wife asked me if I had a great time, I could look her in the eye and say that I honestly did.  My guess is that we will be back next year as well.  

This article was written by Tom Fletcher.