Summer has started

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP® 


I don’t know about you, but my life is starting to return to some version of normal. Our social calendar is beginning to get pretty full again, which really hasn’t been the case for over a year. Before life got too hectic, we (myself, Ashley and Natalie) decided to plan a small getaway to Harwich Port on Cape Cod. We

ventured down the coast for the first half of last week and it was nice to get some R&R sans any major crowds.

It seemed that Harwich Port businesses survived the pandemic without too many closures, but their foot traffic wasn’t quite as active as pre-covid times. I judge this in two different ways. First, the line at Sundae School Ice Cream Shop was only 4 people deep at 6:30pm on a Sunday night. By the amount of staff they had inside I would assume they were expecting a bigger crowd. Secondly, we went to get $1 oysters (at The Port from 3-5PM every day) and it was pretty busy outside, but after 5pm the crowd quickly dissipated. Typically, The Port is pretty packed well through the dinner hour.   

What we enjoyed most about the Cape this time around was a less crowded beach. The weather was just about perfect--mid 70’s with a strong sun to keep you warm. We brought lunch to the beach, a classic PB&J with plenty of snacks. That sandwich just brought me back to being a kid!

During our last full day down on the Cape, it was a much cooler, high 60’s day, and perfect for Natalie’s first bike ride. We had practiced in our neighborhood back home, but it was time to go out for the real thing. The five of us (myself, Ashley, Natalie, Big Bird, and Elmo) took to the Cape Cod Rail Trail and we lasted for about an hour. We required only one snack break and while we were riding our bikes for a while, we didn’t go too far just in case it was a disaster. Suffice it to say, it was a success, and we will venture out a little further next time.

The three of us head back down to the Cape again in September and hope for a repeat of perfect weather. Any suggestions for activities, restaurants or places to visit are welcome!

Until next time…