…But the Sun is Eclipsed by the Moon

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

You rockers out there will recognize these words as the last few sung lyrics of the Classic Pink Floyd Album, “Dark Side of the Moon”. Those too young or not interested in rock music probably thought that this story was about the recent solar eclipse – and you’re right.

Since my birth in 1956, the total eclipse of the sun we saw on August 21, 2017 was the 8th of my lifetime that was visible here in the USA. Each one (I’m sure) just as spectacular and awesome as the past one – but I really can’t remember the details of any one of them. 

Perhaps my best recollection was March 7, 1970.  That puts me in 8th Grade, at Mount Saint Michaels Academy in the Bronx, NY.  (Yes, I WAS also a Yankee fan). A good academic regimen at “The Mount” was one of the reasons my dad schlepped us across town instead of attending the otherwise fair public school options in that part of town in the day. But because of that, this eclipse was the subject of our classroom discussions with NYC in a pretty good location to see what was going on.

Which is what brings me to the present.  I don’t ever remember seeing a single eclipse except for newspaper photos.  I merely remembering learning about them.  And even a scientific Luddite like me can learn about an eclipse in about 6 minutes.  So for this year’s eclipse, I wanted to do something memorable.

My memorable events include a video taping of the basement floor or our new basement. I know – some of you are wondering why a stagnant floor needs videos.  Wouldn’t a still shot work? The significance of this is that the foundation and basement floor were just poured less than a week prior. Eclipse day was the last time that this concrete floor will see sunshine except for the tiny basement windows or the bulk head door. The first floor frame decking goes on the very next day and I wanted both video and still photos.

The second event was going to be playing golf - but my co-workers scared me into thinking that my lousy swing and follow though will have my head pointed to the sky more than it should during this dangerous historic event. So instead, I want trekking 12+ miles on my bike from beach to beach in Scituate.  Hardly a workout for a real bike enthusiast – but you have to start somewhere.  Being an adventurist, I wanted to be outside for the entire tenure of the eclipse and witness firsthand any dramatic changes in light, temperature or whatever.  Guess what – hardly noticed a thing.  What did I get out of this outdoor event; an awesome bike cruise and seeing the sights of Scituate on such a beautiful and unique day.