The sun will come out tomorrow

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By: Jenn Kovalski

“The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow”! Annie certainly had the right attitude about when you have a bad day, but in my own literal interpretation and reality, the sun doesn’t have to come out tomorrow, but it does have to come out on the weekends. For most of us in the northeast, this winter really wasn’t so bad. For reference I measure all winters against the winter of 2015, when all it did was snow, so in comparison, this was a mild one.

However, this spring was a whole other story. Spring was actually worse than the winter. On one particular day this spring, I had experienced every different kind of weather in a 24 hour period without ever leaving the state. It was 75* and sunny with a notable UV index, it rained and sleeted, which then turned into a slightly measurable snow fall with “thunder snow” included. This extreme spring has really made me want a hot and sunny summer even more then I usually do because I feel we earned it.

There has been some beautiful days lately, but my main beef with them is that they haven’t really repeated themselves on the weekends, when I can and want to make the most of them by hiking, gardening, and relaxing at the beach.

My sister is in Arizona for a work trip and she sent me a photo of her car instrument reader. It was 112* and as sunny as it gets without actually physically being on the sun. I replied to her message a picture of a puddle. Maybe we are completely on average of rainfall, but it feels like it rains at least every Saturday, and many Sundays, and for further emphasis, it’s raining now as I wrote this, and it did yesterday too. But on the flip side, it seems like many towns have signs up already for mandatory water restrictions to limit the use of town water to hydrate lawns, gardens, or whatever else one uses the outdoor hose for. So maybe it just feels like were are in a never ending deluge and aren’t really.

The old Jenn would have had a nice bronze tan by now if I was still working shifts, as I would look at the 10 day forecast and my week night shifts accordingly based on what days were sunny. Oh well, I am pretty darn lucky to work for who and where I do, so I’ll just continue to monitor the weather for the weekends. It can rain, sleet or snow during the week (sorry retiree’s and those on summer break), as long as the sun comes out tomorrow (read: the weekends).