Survival of the fittest iPhone

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: Jenn Kovalski

I was recently thinking about how I have never permanently lost a mobile phone (knock on wood!). My cousin goes through them like a bag of Lays Potato chips- she can’t have just one! One time (and my personal favorite incident) my aunt was driving with my cousin out of the Dunkin Donuts drive thru with two piping hot lattes that were too hot to even sip. My aunt took off the latte lid while it sat in the cup holder and proceeded to drive over a ‘slow bump’ which caught my cousin off guard. My cousin’s phone went air born and then plop, right into my aunts steaming hot latte. It was D.O.A.

For my personal record, I have misplaced it my phone. A few years ago, I got my first iPhone which I possessed for less than one week before losing it. My first iPhone had the two essentials, an indestructible Otterbox brand case and the “Find my iPhone” app, which allows a use of a satellite of sorts to locate an iPhone should it go stolen or missing. All you do is log on using another device that you own or a friend’s phone. One summer afternoon, I was helping my father wash his truck outside and my mom was going to take my grandmother to pick up lobster rolls in Green Harbor (Marshfield) for dinner. They had just returned after 40 minutes when I realized my cell phone was gone. After searching the usual places I remembered that while outside I had placed my white cased phone on the roof of my mom’s white car. So then begins the search of the street, drive way and neighborhood, nothing was found. Thinking it was surely gone, because realistically how long could it have actually stayed on top of a car’s roof going 45mph, or survive the fall from it, I used the app.

A map with a dot appears of where my iPhone was allegedly located. My dad and I jumped into his newly cleaned truck and start driving towards the mark. We didn’t even know how accurate this app would end up being so we prepared for the worst. 12 miles later, we found my iPhone sticking out from under the wheel of a parked truck in Green Harbor. It was bent and the case was cracked from being run over, but the phone was itself intact and still worked.

Turns out my mom did errands before she even went to get the dinner, so my phone rode on the top of my mom’s car for about 15 miles.