Take A Vacation!

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST, RLP®

No longer do we pile into wood-sided station wagons to head out for a week or two, but the summer vacation is alive and well. Rentals in resort areas like Cape Cod are packed with families from all over. The restaurants and hotels are again filled with young European students looking to gain experience in the hospitality industry and a way to fund their summer of fun here in the USA.

As I look back to family vacations, I realize what a gift they were.  You’d think that young children won’t realize what a week in Wellfleet or on Lake Sunapee means to us in the working world – but they do.  They can feel the excitement and the sigh of relief when your morning decision is whether to go out for coffee or brew it at home (of course that depended on the type of coffee maker that was in the vacation rental). This is a far less stressful decision than deciding what road to take depending on the traffic.

You’ll have memories that can’t be beat.  Like the time a raccoon jumped into my car through the sun roof to eat the skittles that my boys left in the console of the car.  Or time that you’ve spent with loved ones who have passed on and can’t join in the fun anymore.

The next time you’re thinking about booking this type of family trip – just do it.  Now that isn’t official financial advice, it is advice from the heart.  Of course, you do need to make sure that this isn’t going to break the bank and don’t be shy of cost sharing if it must happen.  It is the experience that you’ll fondly recall way longer than the actual costs and who paid what.  

I don’t know who started the word stay-cation, but I think that it is far overrated.  Down time at home to clean out the garage or weed the garden is one thing, but the “cation” part of the word needs to earn its stripes.  Creating memorable experiences and doing things you enjoy with the people that you love near home can rightly earn its spot as a memorable vacation, regardless of where you sleep that night.

Let us know what memorable experiences are being created in your life this summer.  There’s still plenty of time left to the summer season– that’s about 2/3 more of summer left for you numbers geeks.  Go make something good happen and send us the photos of the results.