Taste of The South End

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

Most of you know that my wife and I live in the South End of Boston, fairly close to a pocket of really great restaurants. What you may not know is that we have STILL not tried them all yet. The task can be overwhelming due to the fact that the food is so good at our already-discovered locations – why continue to venture out?! That said, I wanted to give you a few of our favorite spots so you can try them for yourselves. I organized the list by categories (in no particular order).



Growing up outside the city (in beautiful Hanover, MA), ‘Arepas’ weren’t even in my vocabulary – let alone on the menu at a restaurant. Orinoco brings the authentic South American cruise to the next level with flavors we don’t find in our food every day. When we are feeling adventurous and want to be different – this is where we head. If you haven’t tried Arepas – now is your chance!


Cold Winter Night Comfort

Delux Café

They are so old school, they don’t even have a website. There is nothing ‘café’ about this place and they do not have a TV (again – so old school)! This is our go-to neighborhood restaurant and bar (again, not café) that serves a nice cold beer and great food. They do have a small menu, but everything is done to perfection – from burgers to a steak. A cozy place to go to unwind on a cold winter’s night.



Coppa Boston

It didn’t help getting a table when the owner won a James Beard award – but the classic comfort of Italian food could not be more spot on here. The best part of the meal is that everything is tapas style – so you don’t have to get full on just one pasta dish, you can have as many as you desire! If you go, just make sure you have a meatball (or two).



Tremont 647

When it is good, it is good. This is another neighborhood restaurant/bar with a constant spin on the American classics. And let’s not forget about Taco Tuesdays! Truth be told, we liked them so much we had them cater our wedding!


I will save a few other categories for another week – or maybe another neighborhood.

If you have any recommendations or would like to join us on a night in the South End, I am officially accepting offers.

Until next time…