Thanksgiving Visitors

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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

Somehow it is already December. One of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, has already passed and the Black Friday rush (online and in-store) has come and gone. This year was especially fun for Ashley and I as we hosted two Thanksgivings. The first was for family on Thanksgiving Day, then again this past weekend for our traditional Friendsgiving for my closest college friends (plus some additions).

Now that we are out of the 495-square-foot condo and into something a tad larger, hosting has become an option (which we love to do!). As many of you know, research is very important to me, but it doesn’t only have to do with financial matters. Researching food and preparation styles is also at the top of the list. I have cooked many turkeys in my life but this year we wanted to mix it up by trying a different recipe. Long story short, we did a dry salt rub on the turkey the night before and made an herb butter to rub both under and over the skin. With the oven on the convection setting, it worked out great besides a minor slip-up involving poorly-sized pans, the combustible nature of turkey drippings, and properly working smoke detectors. Fortunately, because of our research, we knew this could be a possibility and had a backup plan ready to go. The turkey still came out amazing – even with the switching of the pans.

For Friendsgiving, we learned from our prior mistake and started with the correct pan to avoid testing the fire alarms again. However, we learned another lesson about our neighborhood when we had a special visitor late Sunday night. If you have ever lived in a city with tight quarters, having guests are great – but you typically don’t have a lot of room for trash. We anticipated this and had two extra trash cans outside for the excess. While one lid latched shut, the other just closed. On Sunday night as I was about to go to sleep, I heard this banging on our back deck. Ashley thought I was crazy and hearing things (which is quite possible), but I had to look outside. As soon as I opened the door, I found myself in a staring contest with a raccoon of about 30 pounds, rummaging through one of the trash cans. I quickly slammed the door shut and tried to shoo him away from the window. I was stunned as I watched the animal utilize our outdoor furniture as a ladder to make his escape. Hard to admit it, but I will be putting a large trash can with a latched lid on my list for Santa this year!

Fortunately the raccoon was the only ‘wild’ thing that happened this Thanksgiving. I skipped over many other details, but suffice to say we shared a lot of laughs, turkey, and quality time with the people we love.

We hope everyone else had a plentiful Thanksgiving.


Until next time…