Time for the Cape

US Wealth Napolitano |

Hopefully by now you have some (if not all) of your summer vacations lined up. I believe all you need is a week or two marked off the calendar to be away from the daily routine.

For me, my calendar is marked for Cape Cod at a place we like to call ‘the compound.’ This is absolutely my favorite place for rest and relaxation. The name of the house is not because it is a mansion on the water, but a cozy cape style home with a 4 minute walk to the beach that hold memories for me to last a lifetime. As you would assume, my favorite part is not in the house itself (which we basically just sleep in), but everything just outside of it.

A personal favorite of mine is making sure that we take a short ride and get some homemade ice cream from the Sundae School. For those of you reading this that have not had it before – just get in your car and start driving there. It is that great. Unfortunately however, I do have one major problem with this establishment which might be shared by all of its customers. I have my favorite which is the pistachio ice cream inside a fresh waffle cone.  The problem is that I enjoy it so much I have to keep getting the same thing every single time!  Do you have a favorite that will force me to branch out? If so – please help me.

One of my next favorite adventures it to head up Rt. 6 to P-Town or the Beachcomber in Wellfleet. The Beachcomber sits on the National Seashore where you can enjoy a refreshing breeze and a good wave followed by a cold beverage to rejuvenate.  Not only is this a favorite of mine, but John Napolitano enjoys it as well. Just as a warning if you decide to go there - the parking can be hard to come by during peak hours.  If you want a sneak preview of the beach, here is the live Beachcam from the roof: http://www.thebeachcomber.com/index.php/webcams/live-beach-cam.

This weekend we will be heading to ‘the compound’ with some of our nearest and dearest friends. We intend to enjoy an outdoor dinner on Friday on the deck as the cool ocean breeze rolls in. If you have a Cape favorite of your own please share. If you are also near the Harwich Port area – please shout and maybe we can share a scoop of ice cream together!

This article was written by Alexander G. Weiss.