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We all turned the clocks forward this past week and now we have an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. I don't know about you, but it seemed like we all just got used to the shorter days. With the new injection of energy that the extra daylight brings I wanted to share some activities that we can all do outdoors that I would not consider traditional.

The first item I’ll bring up is white water rafting. I have not done this in many years and when I had, it happened to be outside of New England (the Smoky Mountains, Ashville, NC). It sounds a bit scary and it can be at times, however there are many beginner and intermediate courses around you – you just have to find one! This is an activity that brings together a little competition, a decent workout, and plenty of outside time with your loved ones. If you find the right place it can be a lot of fun for all ages.

Another activity I really enjoy is taking a hike and packing a lunch to bring along. If you are near our office in Braintree, you can enjoy the Blue Hills for a day trip.  For a larger selection of trails, go north to New Hampshire or Vermont.  To include everyone and make the day trip a lot of fun, pack something for everyone to take.  When my friends and I went up to Mount Cardigan a handful of years ago – I became “the water guy”.  I soon became very popular since it turned out to be a little warmer than we had initially hoped.  Between the handful of us, we had our snacks, sandwiches, and all the space needed for trash to bring back down the mountain with us.

Another simple, yet fun thing to do outside when the weather is warming up is lawn games. This can remake a family barbeque and turn it into a fun filled family tradition. A personal favorite of mine is ladder golf.  To build your own it takes a few PVC pipes, wood, string, and golf balls. As an alternative, you can buy a set at most sporting goods stores (http://laddergolf.com/). This game, along with many others, gets people up and moving – no matter the age is of the participants. At a recent party my Nana (who is well into her 90s) even tried to play a round. She didn't score anything – but we sure did share some great memories together.

I hope that these three activities have sparked an interest for you or jogged a favorite memory. These outdoor activities are not for just one age group but for all generations. Now it is time to enjoy the outdoors!


This Article is written by Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

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