Treat or Treat

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By: Alexander G. Weiss, CFP®

It was a trick-less Halloween at our house this year (which I am OK with). It was Natalie’s first real Halloween where she could walk to the door, ring the bell, and ask for some candy. And since it was all so new, we had to practice in the days leading up to maximize the collection of chocolate.

When the training started, we knew we had at least one part[JE1]  in our favor: the ability for our daughter to knock and open a door. As a planner when we renovated our home last year, I didn’t think about the most child friendly doorknobs. We ended up getting levers, not knobs, which are far easier to open when you are 2 years old. Oops!

When we were practicing getting ready to knock on the door and say, “trick or treat,” we then needed to focus on the next most important part: what candy to pick. We drilled into her head that the only treats to get are chocolate, chocolate, or chocolate. We showed her pictures, what colors to focus on, even what shapes to expect. We seemed to have made a lot of progress during the week leading up to Halloween with the exception of actually getting the costume on. It eventually happened, but only because the neighbor across the street was wearing his.

We were eventually ready for the big event. We got our Radio Flyer ready (Thanks Jim!), put in the appropriate amount of snacks, beverages, and a speaker for music. It was time to meet up with the neighbors to get some chocolate in our bellies. Natalie was very excited to start and ran from door to door with the other kids but didn’t last too long. When we finished and got home to count her candy, it was with great disappointment that all the training we did to get the chocolate failed. Of the 10 or so houses she went to, she got 6 Twizzlers … I mean, c’mon!

Little did I know her favorite part of Halloween was to help her dad give out candy to the other kids in the neighborhood after we got home. It was likely her favorite because she could get under my arm each time the doorbell rang and sneak another piece (just don’t tell her mom).

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween and have some fun plans for Thanksgiving.

Until next time….