Trot, Trot, To Houston

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By: Alexander G.Weiss, CFP®

Growing up my uncles and aunts used to hold me in their laps and sing the bouncy song, ’Trot, trot, to Boston.’ The reason I bring this song up is because it reminds me of my family and a few weekends ago we have the official start to the 2016 wedding season as my cousin in Houston, Texas got married! The only downside is that given Ashley’s current schedule we had to fly out Saturday morning and fly back Sunday night. A quick trot in, but wow did we squeeze all the fun we could in such a limited time.

With my extended family getting larger by the day and everyone getting pulled in so many directions – it was such a pleasant surprise to get to see just about everyone on my step-father’s side of the family. Out of the cousins, only two or three didn’t make it (and out of 21) that is impressive!

When we arrived from our early morning flight we were welcomed with perfect weather- mid 70’s, not a cloud in the sky and zero humidity. Upon arrival, we worked up our appetites at driving range and made our way to a BBQ joint. The place that was recommended was from a cousin that lives in the area and he told us ‘you have to go now, because they close the doors when the food runs out.’ I wasn’t really sure what he meant, so I googled the place and read the hours of operations tab. This place is apparently so popular they do not have a set close time. They cook however much food they can to keep the high quality that they strive for, then shut the doors when the food runs out. Let me tell you, it was delicious! The downside was my suit was a little tighter than expected at the wedding. 

It was also very nice to see a few nieces and nephews while at the wedding. Everyone at one point had babysitting duties and I was no exception to the rule. One of my nephews (picture included) just turned one and has such a wonderful, fun loving personality. He walks, talks, dances, and enjoys being around other people. When it was my brother’s turn to get a drink and relax for a few minutes, I took the opportunity to snag my nephew and head to the dance floor and we had a blast.

The next wedding is a friend from high school in March followed by a few this fall. Luckily the numbers seem to be trending down, but baby showers seem to be on the rise!

Until next time.