Trying To Fitbit

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By: Jenn Kovalski

About two weeks ago I was given a Fitbit as a gift. This is one of the best and worst gifts I have ever received. It’s great because of the information it provides, and the awareness it creates regarding your activity (or in my case, the alarming inactivity).  It is horrible because I could see firsthand how little I typically move between 9am-5pm, as well as the fact that I am in last place of all of my 8 friends on the application. I am currently behind my mother, father, all of my co-workers, and my boyfriend, John.

John recently lost his Fitbit, and we were searching everywhere. It randomly would sync to his phone at the most bizarre times like 1:45am and 6:55pm. This told us that we were near it. For whatever reason it also kept syncing near his dog, we were petrified that his dog had ate it! After walking around and narrowing down to the locations where it would sync, he eventually found it in his roommate’s car. Even after he missed a few days, I am still behind him in steps.

Words cannot describe my devastation when I realized that my Fitbit was not counting my steps during a 40 minute grocery store trip because I was holding my purse and the cart with the same hand the bracelet is on and as a result, I was not swinging my arm.

One of the things that is super cool about the Fitbit is that it can monitor your sleep, water intake, weight, calories, etc. Some of the better versions monitor even more. I am very sensitive to change, stress and my surroundings, so I really appreciate being able to look at the patterns and reasons behind when I see I sleep more soundly, to ensure I get enough shuteye. Of course I take all of this information with a grain of salt- I think of it as a sound estimate.

It can be a healthy competition with your friends and yourself. John has a streak of 10,000 steps per day and is determined to keep his streak going as long as he can. The result: he is marching in place while sending me “taunt” messages from the app. While part of me considers this cheating, I also feel whatever gets you moving at the end of the day is better than just sitting. My friend Scott’s mother does about 225,000 steps per week. She is an avid walker and her base walk is 10miles a day. Scott’s friends will call him because they have seen her walking 15 miles outside of town, and when they offer to give her a lift back home, she always declines saying she needs her steps.

I am trying really hard to get my steps in, and I love the instant gratification that you feel when you can see your activity that you have accomplished. If you don’t have one you should look into it, there are some pretty affordable versions. I also need more friends on my app, email me and we can connect!